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Booming Brands – Inspiring Journeys of 11 ’Made In India’ Brands

Harsh Pamnani

In today’s changing, competitive and crowded marketplace, building an admirable brand has become one of the toughest and most important tasks for entrepreneurs and marketers. Moreover, many marketing strategies that used to work in the past are becoming obsolete today. If you are looking for answers to burning questions such as:


  • How were new age admirable brands created from scratch?

  • How did these brands achieve popularity in a highly crowded and competitive market?

  • How did entrepreneurs behind these brands identify new opportunities and create million-dollar markets?

Then Booming Brands is a gold mine of information that you can’t afford to ignore. The lessons derived from the hard-earned success of these 11 Indian brands from multiple industries and domains, can help you carve out your own journey and brand strategy.

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Experiments in Leadership : A comprehensive guide for Leaders with 80+ real-life case studies

Girish Batra

Experiments in Leadership gives an insider’s perspective on successful leadership and self-development. The author shares his experiences and the experiences of others through case studies and stories in a fun, casual and conversational tone that will resonate with readers. It’s inspirational, insightful and offers alternative perspectives on dealing with problems leaders in any industry may face, encouraging her/him to introspect. Quirky, witty, highly-relatable, yet full of wisdom, this book is a must read for anyone who is a leader or is aspiring to be a leader.

The ultimate Sales Accelerator

The Ultimate Sales Accelerator: One Surprisingly Powerful Strategy to create EPIC Sales in Business and in Life

Amit Agarwal

There are 7.7 billion sales owners in the world because everyone in the world is either selling a product, service or idea. The fact that everybody is selling brings its own challenges and possibilities. How can high growth companies and start-ups successfully win clients in the face of unprecedented competition?

Is there a structured and hassle-free way for a sales owner to become a trusted advisor?

How can you become a great storyteller and move people?

Rather than following a complex set of processes that don’t work, is there a simple way to create predictable sales?

Can ONE sales strategy be applied in both the business and personal context?

Narrating 31 experiences from Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumers (B2C) and Personal life scenarios, this book reveals one simple and powerful sales strategy that is the perfect answer to all the above questions. What’s more, it provides you with an easy to implement and clear blueprint of this strategy.

This book is for everyone who wants to create EPIC Sales in Business and in Life."

Gross Roots Innovato

Grassroots Innovation: Minds On the Margin Are Not Marginal Minds

Prof. Anil K. Gupta

A moral dilemma gripped Professor Gupta when he was invited by the Bangladeshi government to help restructure their agricultural sector in 1985. He noticed how the marginalized farmers were being paid poorly for their otherwise unmatched knowledge. The gross injustice of this constant imbalance led Professor Gupta to found what would turn into a resounding social and ethical movement— the Honey Bee Network— bringing together and elevating thousands of grassroots innovators. For over two decades, Professor Gupta has travelled through rural lands unearthing innovations by the ranks—from the famed Mitti Cool refrigerator to the footbridge of Meghalaya. He insists that to fight the largest and most persistent problems of the world we must eschew expensive research labs and instead, look towards ordinary folk. Innovation—that oft-flung around word—is stripped to its core in this book. Poignant and personal, Grassroots Innovation is an important treatise from a social crusader of our time.

The impatient manager

The Impatient Manager

Walter Vieira


The rules of the corporate world are now dynamic like never before. For managers, the marathon race, starting at the bottom of the pyramid and working their way upto the top in 20–30 years, is no longer a fundamental truth. With executives reaching the corner office in less than 10 years, the workplace and its aspirations have reached a new high. Impatience is now seen as a virtue and this book addresses The Impatient Manager. The book provides strategies for a faster route to corporate success and at the same time provides caution signs that will prevent career crashes in the fast lane. Using his classic engaging, anecdotal technique, the legendary Walter Vieira takes readers through their own success marathon, sprinter style.

value creation

Value Creation

Gautam Mahajan


Increasing disruption, diminishing returns, and demanding Customers require business leaders to create more Value, remain relevant, and stay ahead of competition. CEOs have to evolve a “Value Creation” culture for the company so as to properly balance the interests of Customers, Employees, Investors, and the Marketplace.

This pathbreaking book shifts the focus to Creating Value for the entire business ecosystem and not just for the shareholders. It will launch organizations into the world of Value Creation and will convert good CEOs and companies to great ones with longevity and higher profi­tability.

The tip of the iceberg

The Tip of the Iceberg : The Unknown Truth Behind India's Start-Ups

Suveen Sinha


A wave of entrepreneurship has been sweeping across India. The success of start-ups like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Ola and others has veered the discourse towards high valuations. But what we mostly see is only the tip of the iceberg. Behind every high valuation today is a story of blood, sweat, toil and tears. For every entrepreneur who has an amazing success story to tell, there are countless others who have fallen by the wayside. The going has often been a far cry from the presumed romance of breaking the mold, disrupting order and changing the world. It is this desire to change the world that drives successful entrepreneurs, for they alone have the blind passion that is often the difference between success and failure, and they are the ones who love the journey more than the destination.


Today, when questions are asked about whether the start-up party is nearing its end, and whether we will soon see a rerun of the dotcom bust of the early noughties, it is time to remember India’s start-up warriors. This is the story of their remarkable journeys. Some found their destination. Some did not.

Suveen Sinha is the national business editor at Hindustan Times. He writes on a range of issues relating to business, economy, sports and movies. He has been a journalist for twenty-one years, with stints at Business Standard, Business Today and Outlook. In his spare time, he tries to write books, the first of which, Driven—the memoir of former Maruti Suzuki chief Jagdish Khattar, which he co-authored—was published in 2013.

Queue Jumping

Queue Jumping

V. Raghunathan


The book is a tongue-in-cheek focus on our propensity to jump queues, irrespective of our educational, economic or social background, which frequently shows utter disregard for fairness and civility towards others. But in the process, the book does introduce available international literature on queue jumping to the readers to help them become ‘better’ queue-jumpers!

A wise man once said that half of life is showing up -- and the other half is waiting in line. In a nation of a billion people, hai,' and we made it our motto.) And if so, how can you jump queues better? Which excuse works like a charm? How should you backtrack if someone objects? Does it help to make eye contact? Are we generally accommodating of queue-jumpers and why? More importantly, what does queue-jumping say about us as a people? Does it mean we lack a sense of fairness and basic concern for others? These are questions of everyday survival that bestselling author V. Raghunathan first threw up in Games Indians Play and now takes up at length in The Good Indian's Guide to Queue-jumping.

There's no escaping queues. We find ourselves in one every day -- whether to board a flight, for a darshan at Tirupati or, if we are less fortunate, to fetch water from municipal taps. We no longer wait for years for a Fiat car or a rotary-dial phone, but there are still queues that may last days, like those for school admissions. And then there are the virtual ones at call centres in which there's no knowing when we will make contact with a human. So if you can't escape 'em, can you beat 'em? Mercifully, yes. (After all, our national hero once pronounced, 'Hum jahan khade ho jaate hain, line wahin se shuru hoti

India Reloaded

India Reloaded

Dheeraj Sinha

Brands and businesses from across the globe have tried to leverage the India opportunity, based upon simplistic and widely-held assumptions. This book takes a critical look at these myths and contradictions from an inside perspective, presenting a fresh and nuanced perspective on the opportunities that the Indian market offers. It draws upon a wealth of data, from consumer research, market data, macroeconomic research, popular culture and case studies, to provide a thorough and compelling insight into what makes for success in the complex Indian market, based upon two decades of experience.!

Are you ready for the corner office

Are you ready for the corner office?: Insights from
25 executive coaching experiences

Pradipta K Mohapatra and Ganesh Chella

This book is a collection of 25 inspiring stories about the unique and personal developmental journey of 25 senior leaders towards the corner office. Seen through the eyes of their Executive Coaches, each of these stories tell us how they found answers to critical questions such as 'Am I ready for it?', 'How do I prepare to get there?', 'How do I learn to succeed once I get there and how can I enjoy the journey while I am at it?' The term 'corner office' is really a metaphor for anything significant that these leaders wanted to achieve in their professional careers and personal lives.

Sexy successful spiritual

Sexy Successful Spiritual

Vineetha and Athrey


Sexy Successful SpiritualTM is not just an interesting book to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It`s a set of tools that, when you use, can make you, your work, your relationships and your brand unstuck. It is a complete antithesis to everything that has been bandied about under self-help, plain vanilla motivation and conventional spirituality. For the first time, you and everything you represent - your life, work, relationships - can be sexy and spiritual; they can be successful and spiritual - completely, unabashedly and without guilt.

It doesn't hurt to be nice

It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice: Rediscover Life with a Pinch of Salt and Humour

Amisha Sethi


Kiara is a dynamic, thirty-something girl who has reached great heights professionally, and is the apple of the eye for almost everyone who knows her. But she never took any short cuts to become happier, wiser, healthier and more compassionate. She had to find rays of hope where the dark tunnel seemed unending, and identify shade in life's burning path. She found little pearls of wisdom in chasing her dreams, in spreading laughter, in learning from scriptures and philosophers, and even at one point in almost ending her life.


More than Kiara's story and the wisdom she achieves through the various dramatic and hilarious experiences, this book is a motion picture with you in the lead role. You as the 'hero' who can beat the most stubborn of villains — most of which lie deep within us…our fear, unkindness, selfish interests, negative thoughts and jealousy. You as the 'heroine' who is sharp and witty in talking, selfless and caring in love, and charming and beautiful inside out, like none other (perhaps a 2.0 version of you). Walk with Kiara to find a better you, because It Doesn't Hurt to be Nice.

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