Workshops of 60 minutes each (Register Separately)

Writing and Publishing a Bestselling Business Book 







Ganesh Vancheeswaran

Freelance Journalist and Author of ‘The Underage CEOs’

Books that fall in the realm of business, entrepreneurship, management and self-improvement form a large chunk of the non-fiction books published in India every year. There is a huge and growing market for these books - not just in the metros, but in smaller towns and cities, too. Not just in English, but in vernacular too.


Writing a business book has several benefits, including building your personal brand, bringing you money and establishing you as an authority in your domain, leading to further opportunities.


If you want to tap into this opportunity, then this workshop is for you.


Bangalore Business Literature Festival (BBLF) is happy to present a workshop on

How to Write a Bestselling Business Book

Hosted by Ganesh Vancheeswaran, author of the popular book ‘The Underage CEOs: Fascinating Stories of Young Indians Who Became CEOs in their Twenties', this workshop is just what you need to get your business book out in the market. You will learn about

  • Key aspects and dynamics of the Indian book publishing industry

  • Why you should write a book

  • Key success factors for a book

  • Spotting the idea for your book

  • Different modes of publishing (including self-publishing)

  • The role of a literary agent

  • The book-writing and publishing process, step by step

  • Naming your book

  • Tips for writing effectively

  • The author-publisher relationship

  • Kick-ass project management

  • Marketing your book

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PODSHOP: A Workshop on How to Create, Grow and Monetise your Podcast






Amar Deshpande

Founder Gaatha Story, a podcasting firm

Podcasting is taking the world by storm. This exciting new broadcast technology is helping several people take their stories to the world through an engaging, new-age medium. The question is, are you leveraging it?


Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast? Have you wondered what it takes to set up and nurture a podcast and how to monetize it? What challenges will you likely encounter and how do you overcome them?


BBLF can help you find answers to these and other questions. In partnership with gaatha story, the creators of Baalgaatha and MyKitaab Podcasts, we are excited to present


PODSHOP: How to Create, Grow and Monetise your Podcast


Come, hear about it from Amar Deshpande, Co-Founder- gaatha story, and a seasoned professional podcaster.


In this workshop, you will learn

  • What podcasting is all about

  • How you can benefit from podcasting

  • What you need to create your own podcast

  • How to record and host

  • How to market your show

  • How to monetize your podcast

  • How to enter the world of publishing through podcasting and

  • Preparing for the long-haul


Podcasting is not just about recording an audio episode and hitting the ‘publish’ button. The team at gaatha story has developed a structured, easy-to-follow system of recording, publishing and distributing podcasts. It is the same system they have used to launch 8 podcasts in 4 languages and publish over 500 episodes that have received over 1.5 million listens.

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