V Raghunathan

Raghu is an academic, corporate executive, author, columnist and a hobbyist. He taught at IIM, Ahmedabad for two decades until 2001, after which he turned a banker for four years, serving as the President of ING Vysya Bank, Bangalore. Since January 2005, he has been the CEO of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, which he has steered towards several prestigious awards. He is also the Director of India campus of Schulich School of Business (York University, Toronto) in Hyderabad. Raghu is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Bocconi, Milan, Italy, and Schulich School of Business, Toronto, Canada.

He has written nearly 500 academic papers and popular articles as a columnist, 12 books and dozens of monographs and published cases in the field of capital markets and corporate finance. His forthcoming book is The Good Indian’s Guide to Queue Jumping. His other books include, Beyond the Call of Duty, Duryodhana, Locks, Mahabharata and Mathematics, and Don't Sprint the Marathon from Harper Collins; and Ganesha on the Dashboard, The Corruption Conundrum and Other Paradoxes and Dilemmas, and Games Indians Play from Penguin.

He is or has been on many boards, including corporates, banks, stock exchanges, hospitals and educational bodies and has been a member of several national level committees of the, Ministry of Finance, SEBI, BSE, NSE, ICAI et al. He was also the MBA Program and Finance Area Chair at IIM, Ahmedabad in the past, and served on several doctoral dissertations and examinations. He lectures extensively in India and abroad.

Raghu has perhaps the largest private collections of old and ancient Indian locks. He has also held a weekly cartoon column in the Financial Express, played chess at national level, and sketched competitively in his earlier years.

He features among the top 50 Global Indian Management Thinkers of the Indian Council of Competitiveness & Thinkers Magazine (London) in 2013,14 & 15.

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