Xavier's MasterClass - 30th October 2020 - 2 pm to 4 pm

Who really wants to read your book?

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Xavier PRabhu

Founder & MD, PRHUB + President-APAC and Global board member, IPREX

‘Author & Book Branding’ by Xavier PRabhu, Founder, PRHUB


Does a good book establish you as an author or is a book read because you are known and looked up to, for your opinions and thoughts? 

Do you need to therefore build your own personal brand first or market the book once it is ready to be published? 

Come, discover answers to these and other questions at an exclusive workshop.

Key takeaways 

  • Building the right strategy and approach to marketing your book 

  • Key tools and media to be considered 

  • Building your brand as an author 

  • Case studies and talks with reputed authors 

Xavier PRabhu, Founder & MD, PRHUB + President-APAC and Global board member, IPREX: One of the leading names in the Indian branding and communication space, Xavier is sought after by leaders from both private and non-profit sector for counsel on brand building, image building and reputation management. He has been an journalist, entrepreneur, consultant, copy-writer and teacher in his 26-year career.

He has worked closely with some of the largest global publishers on their Indian PR/communication support and also successful promotion of individual authors/books  like Start-up Diaries, Oh BPO!, Drowning Fish, A passionate gospel of True Love, Master Growth Hacking, You are the key - Guide to Social Selling, among others.

A sought-after speaker, he is among a handful of Indian communication professionals to have spoken in 13 countries and interacted with 1 lakh+ students (management, communication and engineering) across educational institutions in India and overseas.

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